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I'm a digital designer, developer, and surfer from Malibu. In the digital world, I craft interfaces and dive into coding intricacies.

Beyond screens, I find solace and joy riding waves along Malibu's shores. My life blends tech and nature, coding sessions, and catching waves.


Design & development subscriptions for startups.

Monomod streamlines the design process with a fixed monthly rate and limitless design requests. Say goodbye to phone calls and extensive contracts; reach out to Monomod directly at any time. Embrace flexibility, pause or terminate your subscription whenever you need.

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Tailwind CSS


Free and premium multipage themes and UI Kits for freelancers, developers, businesses, and personal use. Beautifully crafted with Astro.js, and Tailwind CSS — Simple & easy to customise.

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"Big fan of your themes. They're well-organized, look clean, and are fast."

Kevin Focke Developer

"Amazing resource using @astrodotbuild and @tailwindcss! I got it a week ago and have found the contents really useful. 5/5

Alonso Entrepreneur

As a digital designer, my expertise lies in crafting distinctive visual identities for digital products.

I hold the belief that an engaging design begins with shared values, transparent communication, and a genuine respect for the audience.